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The first part of the process is to decide on the media. Will the portrait be in charcoal, pastel or oil. Next, decide on the scale of the picture: how many people will be in the drawing or painting, and will it include hands or the full figure. Olivia is happy to help with this part of the decision making process.


The artist will then meet with the person who is to have his or her portrait done and take lots of photographs. The meeting helps the artist get to know the sitter and the photos help to supplement the sittings that usually come at the end of the project. Although a painting done entirely from life is preferable, it is not always realistic for most people’s schedules.


The portrait is begun in the studio. For a painting, compositional sketches are drawn up for the client’s approval. Then the painting is begun with an opportunity for feedback along the way from the sitter or the person commissioning the portrait.

Video of my process




Head and Shoulders $1,400


Half Figure $1,800

(Includes head and hands)


Full Figure $2,400



Head and Shoulders $5,500


Half Figure $7,500

(includes head and hands)


Full Figure $12,500



landscape, pet or musical instruments $400 in pastel or charcoal and $800 in oil



A down payment of half the total cost is requested at the start of a portrait. Final payment is made at the completion of the portrait.


Client is responsible for the cost of shipping the work.


Prices do not include a frame.

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